NGV Melbourne Now

Reverse Anthem


Client — NGV Melbourne Now
Project — Reverse Anthem

Film directed by Antuong Nguyen. Produced by Silky Jazz 

Key Artists: Kate Daw, Stewart Russell, Jonathan Welch AM, Amrita Hepi, Antuong Nguyen

Originally commissioned by RISING, exhibited at National Gallery of Victoria’s ‘Melbourne Now’ exhibition.

Reverse Anthem is a collaboration between artist, composer, filmmaker, choreographer and choir, all driven by a desire to challenge the claims made by Advance Australia Fair to unite us in 2021. Initiated by artists Kate Daw and Stewart Russell in 2016 the work stands up to ingrained inequalities and champions reconciliation through positive action. Learning to sing the anthem back to front and upside down was a challenge, in doing so the collective voices rise in support of everyone on the outside.