Video documentation of Twinships performance.
Choreographer & Performer: Deanne Butterworth


As part of "The Endless Garment: The New Craft of Machine Knitting" exhibition at RMIT Gallery, February/March 2010. Featuring knitted works by Nikki Gabriel and Ricarda Bigolin.

Curated by Robyn Healy & Ricarda Bigolin
Presented by L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010.

BECOME ONE WITH THE TREE: Soundwwwalk Performance - August 2012

Live SOUNDWWWALK performance at West Space, as part of Experimenta 5th Biennial of Media Art. August 2012.

Curated by Jared Davis

SOUNDWWWALK performances are an emerging genre of live browser-based sound performances where plugin sound-collage meets multitab mixing, shamelessly blending the traditions of acoustic ecologies, pro-surfing and laptop performance. The artists take the audience on a sonic detour through the World Wide Web. All performances follow the Soundwwwalk One-Line-Manifesto: "All sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must be publicly accessible".


By MAXIMUM RIM (Antuong Nguyen + Warran Wright)
Music: James Cecil / Alex Akers

As part of Gemini Scorpio exhibition at the City Library, Melbourne, August 2010.

Curated by Kim Brockett
Presented by Craft Victoria